General Manager Yusuf Ibrahim

Current Team

Yusuf Ibrahim is the most no-nonsense individual in our league.  For that reason, we felt that we should keep his bio in a similar fashion.  Mr. Ibrahim allegedly wants players of a certain age on his team, his “no time for bratty kids” will cause concerns due to the fact that the older guys in our league, unfortunately, can’t run. Younger players are harder to manage and tend to complain a lot. There is also the issue of player ego that is often seen in younger players. Despite all of these issues, with younger players, older players have one major flaw, they physically, for the most part, can’t keep up. Many times we have seen older players struggle with the grind of the LB League. So if he does commit to this terrible strategy, we can only assume that he is stocked up on ice packs, Advil and, BioFreeze. We also want to remind everyone that this is an alleged strategy, and it is quite possible that Mr. Ibrahim will just draft the best possible player. After all this bio is pure speculation.