General Manager Haitham Ahmad

Current Team

Big Fella Ahmad, is arguably the most talented GM. That being said, he has the cards stacked against him. With the declaration that he is part of the “Best Trio of CIS,”(ft Maqsood & Moemelle) people will expect him to back up that claim and draft his two partners. Furthermore, being the youngest GM, there is a concern about his maturity and his ability to be a wise and responsible GM.  To put the cherry on top of this large sundae which Haitham will end up eating, he selected the Purple Lynx, a color that has not seen playoffs ever. We will say this though, no one tried harder to become a GM this season and the Commissioner has said publicly that he is confident in Haitham’s abilities. We can also say one thing with certainty, Haitham has shut his critics up the past two seasons and he is motivated to prove them wrong this season again. I would not bet against him…mainly because betting is haram.