The Commissioner Abdur Rahman Hussain

Abdur Rahman Hussain, more commonly known as “The Commissioner ”, the grandfather and founder of Legends Basketball is the heart and soul of the organization. The man behind the brand is the reason that Legends Basketball has grown into what it is today! Driven by his passion for teaching and coaching, his love for the game led him from the gym where he trained the next generation of athletes to Legends Basketball. However, it is rumoured that perhaps his love for yelling at players may be a far stronger driving force, than his actual teaching or coaching. Known for his now spiffy appearance, snappy comments, and sheer brutal honesty, we encourage you not to ask for his opinion because he will not hold back.  The Commissioner can often be found around the Genesis Centre, in the community or at Petra Shawarma, happily reminding players of their incompetence, mistakes or lack of intellect, which is always appreciated when filmed on, Heat Check. His knowledge of the game is second to none, despite his inability to play the sport today; perhaps one too many stops at Petra Shawarma may have served to be a hindering factor. Regardless, he is everyone’s favourite Commissioner (or so we were told to write). Rumour has it, that it pays to keep the Commissioner happy.