Job: General Manager

Mohamed Sharif Noor

Mohamed Sharif Noor goes by his more common nickname MSN. It is a suitable nickname because much like the outdated messenger system that was used in the early 2000s, MSN’s game is from the same era, the forgotten midrange. MSN did not attempt a single 3-point shot all season. We are hoping that his draft strategy is as outdated as his play style. His quiet personality is the complete opposite of the other Ball brothers; I mean Noor brothers. With all these question marks surrounding his GMing, will he be able to step up and defend the title that the Pirates won last year? Let’s wait and see!

Yusuf Ibrahim

Yusuf Ibrahim is the most no-nonsense individual in our league.  For that reason, we felt that we should keep his bio in a similar fashion.  Mr. Ibrahim allegedly wants players of a certain age on his team, his “no time for bratty kids” will cause concerns due to the fact that the older guys in our league, unfortunately, can’t run. Younger players are harder to manage and tend to complain a lot. There is also the issue of player ego that is often seen in younger players. Despite all of these issues, with younger players, older players have one major flaw, they physically, for the most part, can’t keep up. Many times we have seen older players struggle with the grind of the LB League. So if he does commit to this terrible strategy, we can only assume that he is stocked up on ice packs, Advil and, BioFreeze. We also want to remind everyone that this is an alleged strategy, and it is quite possible that Mr. Ibrahim will just draft the best possible player. After all this bio is pure speculation. 

Ali Nasser

Sheikh Ali Nasser plans to bring spirituality back on to the court. His GMing strategy is simple, pick the best person available. He has the charisma to lead and much like Zahed, people are drawn to his million-dollar smile. His ability to get players involved in the offense will be the key to Cobras’ success. There is one question mark surrounding Ali Nasser, will he be able to maintain his cool long enough to take his team to the finals or will his flair for the dramatics prevent him from making the game-winning shot as he did in season 1. Only time will tell.

Haitham Ahmad

Big Fella Ahmad, is arguably the most talented GM. That being said, he has the cards stacked against him. With the declaration that he is part of the “Best Trio of CIS,”(ft Maqsood & Moemelle) people will expect him to back up that claim and draft his two partners. Furthermore, being the youngest GM, there is a concern about his maturity and his ability to be a wise and responsible GM.  To put the cherry on top of this large sundae which Haitham will end up eating, he selected the Purple Lynx, a color that has not seen playoffs ever. We will say this though, no one tried harder to become a GM this season and the Commissioner has said publicly that he is confident in Haitham’s abilities. We can also say one thing with certainty, Haitham has shut his critics up the past two seasons and he is motivated to prove them wrong this season again. I would not bet against him…mainly because betting is haram.

Mohammad Thraya

Don Thraya is what he is commonly known for, Mohammad is perhaps one of the hardest working individuals you will come across in the league. His inability to recognize talent has allowed competing with elite players because he doesn’t realize that they are supposed to be better than him. This strategy has been quite effective on the court. However, this may hinder him from drafting a quality team. Thraya will face the challenge that many GMs faced; do I pick my family and friends or do I go for the best talent available.  Thraya I hope plans to merge both ideologies into one successful team.  

Jamal Martinac

Martinac though officially GMing for the first time, handled himself well as the de facto leader of the current champs, the Pirates. His quirky demeanor and ability to actually recognize talent will help him build a stellar team. Martinac, however, is the least gifted player amongst the GMs. Despite being one of the fastest players in the league, Jamal has yet to translate that into his game. He will rely heavily on his team to carry him to a championship. Good thing he is probably one of the lightest GMs, so his weight shouldn’t be an issue. 

Mohammad Zahed

Zahed is known more for his charm and charisma than his basketball skill and this year he was an All-SMBL defensive player, which shows you how much charm he has to get that nomination. We do know this, Zahed is one of the few GMs who will literally do anything to help his team win. Whether its picking players up for games, providing them food, or even serenading them with his poetic lines at halftime to motivate his team, Zahed does it all. His GMing is as unorthodox as his playstyle but like his playing style, it is extremely effective. You can’t argue with the result of a Season 1 Champion. The question is, can he do it again?

Mohamed Sabual

Mr.Sabual is considered by many to be an excellent point guard and GM. He led the Warriors to a playoff appearance after that team appeared to be completely dysfunctional.  He also led the Sharks to the playoffs only to lose in the first round again. As he enters his third year in Legends Basketball League in management, he hopes to overcome the first-round exits and reach that elusive finals appearance. He also is quite skilled at the grill.